Hi, I’m Carmen Nunez-Lagos, a personal growth practitioner specialized in akashic record readings. 

My mission is to help you create the results you deeply wish and assist you in your thriving changes. With my approach you can achieve your goals in a natural, empowered and efficient way.


This work is especially useful if you wish to make a shift in your life: if you feel stuck in a situation (relationships, love, career, finances...), or want to change old patterns, if you are at a difficult turning point in your life or if you want to gain clarity about your vocation and mission.


Together we'll dive into your soul's personality and memories to bring into consciousness and clear those negative blocks (emotional programs, beliefs, present and pastlives...) operating at the unconscious level, that are the root cause of your uncomfortable manifestations.


With this realignment work you'll uncover your true potential and become a deliberate creator of your reality.

For more information about my services and if you wish to know what I can do for you, please browse through my website and do not hesitate reaching out with your questions.

 About Me

Passionate Life Coaching Professional

Soul Realignment practitioner since 2010, I’ve been successfully coaching clients in the USA (NY, LA, Colorado), Europe (France, Germany, Spain), and facilitating their self-growth by reading their akashic records.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands or stuck in your projects, my services aim to introduce clarity, self-empowerment and motivation so you find your unique path and purpose. If you wish to shift a relationship or your career, I'll help you clear the negative patterns and find a new alignment that makes you feel happier, loved and rooted.

"The evolution of our individual consciousness paves the way toward the evolution of our collective consciousness. This individual-collective evolution, more than anything else, can and must change this world."

Ervin Laszlo, You can change the world 



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Aligning  Thoughts, Emotions & Actions

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I'm definitely experiencing less emotional fluctuations, I seem more even and less susceptible to abrupt depressive episodes. Also less fear.

I've been more productive and focused and been getting some measurable results, a few small jobs, a successful test shoot and a video production.

I'm feeling less needy of other people, more solidly self-reliant emotionally.


Carmen worked very accurately and efficiently. She is at the same time very spiritual and anchored, very earthly and reassuring. She studied my Akashic records, I felt this was necessary and relevant. Everything Carmen told me made sense! We did a great job together (and we are pursuing it). Carmen is thoughtful, respectful and very gentle. She has incredible intuition and intelligence. and what's more, she embodies pure joy !!! Lots of laughs, lots of light and warmth !!! Since I've been doing this work people around me find me radiant and bright! I feel intense happiness internally and it shows! Thank you Carmen !!!


For me everything has become more fluid, lighter. I've gained more confidence, my ideas are clearer and I take a step back from the events that come to me. My relationship with my spouse has been eased, since there were underlying tensions in our behavior.


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