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Discovering Self through the Akashic Records

Interview by Meg Pearson

This interview is one episode of The Meg Pearson Podcast, it was made on June 28th 2021.

Here I answer fundamental questions about the Akashic Records, why and how we access them for a personal growth work.

Listen to the entire podcast here or by clicking on the picture above.

What ARE the Akashic Records?

According to Carmen, it is like the "google of the universe", a place where you can learn about everything that has happened for a soul, everything that IS happening currently, and possible future outcomes for a soul. And all you need is a HEART in order to log in!

I loved my interview with Carmen, and I know you will too. We chat about…

  • What the Akashic Records are and how a reading can help us in our current lives.

  • Past lives and how they impact our current incarnation.

  • & how we ALL can access this information!

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