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I’m Yours… The Shingles or the Story of a Loving Slave

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

This afternoon I have an akashic reading with a friend that has chronic shingles. Recently her rash is back again. She’s facing a difficult time because her work has dramatically decreased for 1 year although her life has always been extremely active and busy… She misses being with clients, inviting people over to her house, socializing. Now she has plenty of time for her and she feels anxious.

She’s supposed to treat the shingles with strong painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics but she’s not very fond of that kind of treatment. She’s looking for a complementary energy therapy, but she’s afraid she’s going to feel a lot of pain as she did other times before. So I suggest her to do an akashic reading that’s supposed to be harmless. We’ll look into the karmic and emotional roots of her discomfort. By bringing into awareness her unconscious energy blocks during a conversation she’ll be directly involved in the releasing process and everything will flow smoothly for the body.

I’m invited to her house in the afternoon and while she’s cooking a delicious home-made soup I look into her akashic records. I’m amazed to see that, for the second time this weekend, the issue is mainly rooted in a past life of enslavement! This time it happened in South-Africa, where my friend was incarnated as a black young man, working in the fields for a family of white settlers. Although the story takes place at the beginning of the 1900s, racial discrimination is at its worst and basically black people have no right to have a land or to marry white people, especially black men. For a good overview about the political background take a look at this article and this one that explains how leaving a job was a criminal offense for a black person. Well, this young man gets involved in a forbidden love relationship with his daughter’s landlord who's his age. It’s the love of his life. They contemplate escaping that land to freely live together. But the black young man doesn’t succeed to persuade the girl that eventually decides to stay. His heart gets confused but they continue their relationship. A couple of years later, this girl takes him as her groom at home to make things « easier » for them. And of course he has to put up with bad human conditions and sacrifice for the sake of « love ».

If we get back to my friend’s present situation we can now understand how this subconscious memory is reinforcing her shingles. This skin rash is the symptom of being disempowered and frustrated in the area of relationships. The person doesn’t feel respected or taken completely into account by their loved one. They put they integrity in jeopardy to stay in the relationship but at the same time they're judging the other person. It results in stress, frustration, lack of self-love and disempowerment. This is especially true for my friend whose energies are centered in the area of love and intimate connection with people. She’s a complete giver and tends to do too much for the others and accept their conditions. Her love stories in this present life are punctuated by unbalanced relationships to her prejudice. Now that she feels betrayed by her friends and that her work doesn’t allow her to meet people, she can’t « serve » others, but she doesn’t know how to create a new reality either. Thanks to our conversation she realizes that she no longer needs to be unfair to herself by reluctantly accepting unsatisfying conditions from others and that she has everything to win by opening her whole personality to people, especially her spiritual side.

We end up our session by talking about another relevant past life of hers, where she used to be a young Scottish captain that died on his ship, swollen by the sea. It’s interesting that she was quite aware of this previous life because she had once a glimpse of this male body and scottish outfit during a meditation a few years ago. She remembers she wasn’t really supposed to come to that life and her soul was embodied a bit by surprise. I validate that her soul decided very quickly to come to earth. It was a short incarnation that nevertheless taught her soul to savor and value time that passes by. She also has today a deep emotional connection with pipes, the taste of the sea, adventure and leadership. She lives happily in a house above a cliff facing the sea, like a ship. But sometimes she wishes someone could borrow her steering wheel just for a bit…

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