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Ignite Your Intuitive Super Powers

Heart Expansion Guided Meditation

With this powerful guided meditation you're going to develop and strengthen your intuitive abilities, whether you're new at this or already initiated!

During this meditation you're going to travel all the way down to the core of the Earth and all the way up to womb of the cosmos.

It's going to make your heart grow fundamental roots to make one with everything that is.

If you had any blocks in your heart chakra they will be cleared. You're going to feel more at peace, rooted and your authentic communication is going to be enhanced. Your intuitive channel will be unleashed.

I use this meditation as a "warm up" for students that enroll in my akashic record courses.

Enjoy the trip!

If you want to know more about my akashic record trainings, please leave me a message.

Use the chat button located at the bottom right side of this page. Click on the 3 dots on your mobile device.


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