Do you feel stuck with a project? Do this to get results faster!

Updated: Feb 5

Work it out with the Law of Attraction and your Team of Guides!

When you want or need something very much but the situation and the outcome are uncertain, how to proceed to get results faster?

The goal of this article is to present a combination of techniques that will give you all the chances to accelerate the results you want. I unfold them in the order that will make the process most efficient. Personally I use them on a daily basis, sometimes as shown here, sometimes using part of the tools, depending on how much energy I need to move to make things shift.

For instance, this is useful when you struggle to introduce new healthy habits to your daily life (make home-made food, stop smoking, stop obsessing about something, do some exercise...); or when you want to accelerate the course of action (eg. skip waiting lists for paperwork, make a new relationship happen...). Of course you've already asked the people around you for help (family, friends) but it won't work or they're not available. It's only in your hands. Even if you feel a bit left alone, you still have plenty of good cards to play! You're going to give yourself all the chances to shift reality making use of the personal resources and spiritual aid you have.

Even if we are doing our best to get the wanted result, be aware that you need to be also prepared to accept other results the reality may bring to you. Indeed, when you make a request, you’re always asking for it to happen for your highest good, for your highest path and purpose and for the highest good of all. That means that reality shifts and manifests to you in a way you can’t always control, responding to a higher plan that we can't always see. But you need to trust the process, keep working and aligning your wishes with what your soul needs.

The procedure we're going to explain involves the connection to your personal spirit guides and optionally to the akashic records.

Every step suggests a different technique or tool. You have the option to use them separately or together as shown here for more powerful results.

Step 1. Clear the Path for the Law of Attraction

In Step 1, I take you through an extra optional inner work. Its goal is to make the law of attraction work more efficiently because you're clearing unconscious resistance to the desired change. This is going to dramatically improve your results.

Let's take an example: you want to exercise to feel healthier and have a better shape but never find time to do it. After lock down I am out of shape and I've lost many physical abilities (strength, flexibility, reflexes), even the pleasure to exercise.

-Make your intentions very clear and aligned to your highest good, path and purpose.

Eg: I really want to do some physical exercise and have fun doing it. I've decided to start now!

Make your decision irrevocable in your head: « It's now or never ». Readjust what you really want if necessary before to make up your mind.

-Clear whatever blocks or restrictions are present internally: negative emotional patterns, negative beliefs. Use tools for personal growth like akashic record reading or EFT (tapping).

Identify also possible external factors that are negatively influencing: eg., I notice exercising shoes are too old and heavy, and it's discouraging me; my neighbors make too much noise late at night, I feel too tired; there are bad weather conditions and I usually like to exercise outside...Do something about it as or find a way around.

-Meditate to relax your body: practice conscious breathing and body awareness; listen to binaural 432hz relaxing music or focusing music. As much time as you find it necessary.

In this step, you've released internal and external tensions that were getting in the way to create new results. Now you attune yourself to your spirit guides.

Step 2. Prepare the Connection to your Spirit Guides

If you already have a connection to the akashic records, log in as you're used to and you gently ask for your personal team of spirit guides to present themselves before you. This is the safest and most secure way to connect with them. If you don't know how to log into the akashic records, conduct a meditation for heart expansion as many times as needed, till you feel confident. Now read the following prayer out loud:

My personal team of guides, I request you to be with me to guide me on my path now and at all times. Give me what I need to move forward and be 100% aligned with my truth, light and divine love. For my highest good and the highest good of all living beings on Earth, thank you thank you thank you.

Ideally you know how to receive the messages from your spirit guides, through thoughts, images or sensations. And at least you need to have a tool to validate the answers to your questions with yes or no, like a pendulum or a muscle test.

Step 3. Ask your guides for help and engage in a new positive direction

At this point, you ask the guides to work on your behalf for things to flow smoothly and quickly.

For eg: “my personal team of guides please help me start my work-out, do it in a regular basis and have fun with it."

They're going to do their best to make synchronicities happen to serve your purpose.

-Do a positive programming of your unconscious mind with affirmations. You make your own affirmation that fully resonates with your mind and body. Your statement highlights the qualities that you need most in that moment and that will better serve the results you're looking for, how you wish to feel.

Eg. for our previous example about exercising : "I’m vitality, endurance, happiness, determination." or "I’m fluidity, results, success." For a better integration of your new belief, I strongly recommend to perform your affirmations with this simple exercise taken from Psych-K method (Rob Williams). The specific position that's used is originally called the Cook's hook-up.

-Move a bit your body to inform your cells with this new programming (walk, stretch).

Step 4. Channel your guides' advise

-Ask the guides for advise: "do you advise me to choose this or that?... what’s the best moment, best place for me to get this result".

In our example, you can ask for advise for the kind or training shoes or the kind of exercise you’d enjoy and where to find them. Of course the questions you want to ask depend on what you don't feel capable of deciding right away because there are too many possibilities or information. The point of asking your guides is to save time and effort. They are like "omniscient best friends".

For instance, I go to a shopping mall and there are tons of shops with sport shoes in many floors. Which is good, but I hate shopping malls and I want to be fast and efficient. I'll go there only to buy my shoes. My guides know all that and I also let them know my intentions: "Please help me buy the ideal shoes for the kind of workout I'm going to do: I need a kind of running shoes, light, flexible and colorful". Now I'm going to kindly ask them what shop they would advise them and what brand of shoes... Use your validation tool to make sure of the answers. In this case, when you're outside, the muscular test is really useful.

-Ask the guides for a message. For instance, in our example, they make me understand I need a partner to do work out, go for a run, and have fun with.

-Ask them to give you the signs that you’re in the right path.

For instance, personal spirit guides communicate a lot with feathers that cross your path, which indicate their protection and support, coins left on the floor, even or mirror times (11:11, 17:17...12:21...). But you can also make up your own signs that you wish them to leave you, for instance a certain word you need to hear or see during the day…

Practicing with these tools will give a boost to the law of attraction and the reality you wish to manifest, surrounded by the help and love of your team of personal guides.

Thanks for reading!


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