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Stick-man ritual

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Very simple yet powerful

I've had a lot of requests from clients and friends that would like to have healthier relationships with a loved one or someone that used to be in their lives.

Besides doing a conscious work about their relationship I often use this stick-men figure ritual that helps them shift the situation and empowers the creation of new results.

Today I'd love to share it with all the people interested in personal growth.

You'll find the explanations step by step in the video below.


Before you do this, make sure you have the most positive and benevolent intentions for yourself and the other person. Otherwise, any negative emotion or thought you will imprint this ritual with will somehow come back to you more strongly.

This ritual invites you to release your mind and let your hand do the rest. You're going to channel naturally the informations that needs to come out.

Why this ritual?

Sometimes we have been disappointed, offended or let down by someone because of a misunderstanding or a switch in someone's intention for the relationship.

There's a conflict between you and the other party that can raise negative emotions like frustration, anger, even some kind of noticeable agression. You are haunted or obsessed about this situation that seems unfair to you. But you're not able to reach out to this person because communication is off. You know they'll never listen and go your way...

This stick-men ritual helps you protect yourself of interfering energies with the other person, or those triggered by them, and redirect them towards your new positive intentions.

It's going to accelerate whatever outcome is best aligned with your positive intentions and higher purpose.

Is there a preparation needed?

You can do this ritual whenever you're ready and you have released your negative feelings.

But it is most effective when you've cleared your relationship from negative karmic memories in this present life and/or past lives, e.g. contracts, unjustified negative karma, compassionate connexions, curses...

It's also of a great help to look into your relationship at a profound level to see what role this person plays out in your evolution as a being. You'll realize what inner flaws (emotional, mental) this person is bringing light to and that you need to take care of in order to feel more stable and safer.

Being aware of why and how this situation was originated at a soul level is going to help you be at peace with it and empower your good intentions.

The akashic relationship reading is a great tool for that purpose. Reach out for a session if you need help.

How does the ritual work?

If your mind is clear and coherent with your emotions, if what you're asking is fair and constructive, this ritual gives an actual boost for the law of attraction to manifest your intentions. I've seen people paralyzed by bad intentions (black magic) and after doing this work, along with a process of raising their awareness, they completely flipped the situation.

This ritual is a very powerful tool because it involves all planes of reality outside and inside of you.

On one hand, by using a piece of paper, the ink of a pen, the fire to burn the paper, the air (smoke)'re taping into the energy of the natural elements, informing them with your strong and coherent intentions.

On the other hand, it makes your energy bodies -mental, emotional, physical- work in alignement and be focused all together on the outcome you wish. The words that you write in the ritual gather and imprint on the paper, and in the elements, all your information.

Lastly, the information you receive and send out is connected with the ether or akasha, which is the natural element that contains all the other ones. Since the akasha connects everything in the universe, it also stores all the information about everything that is and happens. In this ritual you open a big portal of communication with it.

Why is this ritual so easily accessible to everyone?

Again, this happens for many reasons:

When you begin the ritual, you release your mind and you enter a state where your brain activity slows down and your heart is ruling. When drawing, your hand is connected through your arm to your heart, which is naturally taping into your unconscious data and the information in the akasha.

This kind of ritual has been practiced for a long time by many people, so much that its energy imprint is very present in the collective consciousness or I'd rather say the collective unconsciousness. In other words, it forms a big egregore of information in the akasha that is very accessible with your energy field and easily processed by your heart.

Actually, when I channeled it for the first time I only put the intention of helping a client that was being attacked with black magic. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen with no expectations, and this ritual happened. I'd never done that before or read about it. A couple of years later someone told me "oh yes this is the stick man ritual" and that something similar was described in a book by Jacques Martel, if I remember well. There are lots of traditions of different cultures that use similar techniques to set powerful intentions, with physical symbolic representations and by combining the forces of natural elements. It's a very well known practice.

This ritual sommons so much energy that you will probably feel a flow of energy running up and down your body when doing it. It's very normal.

If you feel some heaviness in your chest, breathe out this excess of energy by blowing out the air more strongly with your mouth. You'll feel a clear shift in your state of being when you're done (relief, more peace...).

Thank you.

Enjoy your ritual!


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