Tips to Master the Law of Attraction

Updated: Jan 30

Do you want the Law of attraction to work efficiently for your own benefit?

Here are some golden tips, step by step!

What is the Law of attraction?

The Law of attraction is a universal mechanism by which like attracts like. That means that similar frequencies are attracted to each other and mingle together to create a new reality.

How this affects us?

As human beings, we are frequency devices. Like radio stations, we’re constantly emitting and receiving energy frequencies with our heart, emotions and thought activity.

So Law of attraction is always working whether we want it or not, whether we're conscious of it or not! It’s a universal law.

Can we choose the kind of events we attract and how?

The events we attract are intimately related to the quality of the energy we send out with our thoughts, will, intentions, emotions and actions.

So we get to choose the quality of the reality we attract. Here are two main ways :

1) By clearing unconscious negative patterns in our emotional and mental bodies. Why? Because Law of attraction doesn't make a difference between conscious or unconscious, good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant results. It only helps manifesting any energy pattern that we hold strongly enough to attract something compatible in the 3d reality, like two powerful magnets matching up together.

2) By making the process of asking the reality we deeply want more aware and focused.

These two ways are actually compulsory and equally necessary steps if we want to get the best out of the Law of attraction.

Please note! It is very important to understand that if you want the law of attraction to be beneficial for you, you need to get rid of "inner noise"first (step 1). It works just like when you want to grow a plant in the earth. You always start by cleaning the ground of weeds or whatever is likely to interfere with the growth of your plant. So you first prepare a good space and you make sure the soil is compatible with your future plant before you plant your seed. Here the "seed" is your project, wish or intention you want to manifest in 3d reality. Then you water it, nourish and give it light with consistent thoughts and actions. The clearing of unconscious patterns and the positive reprogramming is a critical task I effectively help you do in my personal growth sessions.

Without this previous work it is very unlikely that you see the benefits of law of attraction!

The following tips will walk you through the second process.

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