Your Tree of Values

Updated: Feb 9

This activity is about finding the 3 main root values you always want in your life and how to manifest them in reality.

Design a tree made out of 3 main qualities, these are the roots of the tree.

You choose the ones that are vital for you and then you'll end up by finding actions that align with them.

1. How does it work?

3 main values you always want in your life

Find 3 main basic ingredients or qualities that you want present in your life 100% of the time, wherever you are, whatever you do. 3 words. For this matter think of some moments in your past where you felt fulfilled in that present moment or something you still experience sometimes.

For instance, I remember when I used to live near the beach as a child, I felt happiness simply rollerblading along the promenade under the sunlight with the perfume of the see. It can also be a small detail, like autumn leaves dancing in the wind on the street, which evokes peace to me. Or a cup of coffee sunday morning in bed…

So e.g. my main qualities would be:




Define the 3 concepts you've chosen step by step

Of course, each person has their own way to understand the concepts they choose. So you need to break them down in a meaningful way for you. For this purpose, you're going to use funnel system by asking at each stage of definition a couple of questions (see below). The progression is going to guide you from the most general meaning (feelings) to the most specific and concrete one. You're going to end up referring to actions. Each path or branch will represent your own vital guiding threads.

2. Ready...Go!

Now take a piece of paper (landscape format), write your 3 words at the bottom of the paper, column wise.

Then for each main word these questions, ask yourself:

What is XXX for me? What do I need in order to feel XXX? (XXX stands for your main value)

Write down any words that pop up in your mind and connect them to the word XXX, as branches. For instance I choose Happiness as a main value for me, and personally, in order to be happy I need to feel Freedom.

But as you see, Hapiness and Freedom are still quite general words. So ask yourself again the same question: What is Freedom for me? What do I need in order to feel Freedom?... Write down your answers. For me Freedom would be "feeling no boundaries of time and space". And also feeling my body Healthy. Do as many secondary branches as you need!

As you go down this funnel you're going to be naturally more and more specific in the realm of feelings. For instance, I would break down the sentence feeling no boundaries of time and space with I need to feel free to travel, meet people of different cultures, wherever and whenever I want.

This continues till you end up satisfied with the last qualities you've found. The previous sentence seems ok to me. But for instance, to feel that my body is Healthy I need to feel strong, flexible and dynamic. I also need my body to challenge itself and overcome boundaries of time and space: stay young and be able to move everywhere. Now I've found enough qualities to describe specifically those general notions. Oh! by doing this, I realize something interesting : both branches of Freedom -feeling no boundaries of time and space and being healthy- are related to the main quality of Movement. I write this word down, I place it under Freedom and link the qualities all together with branches.

This first stage will be completed when you're not going to be able to define your words or sentences with other qualities any more. Now you have the need to describe them with actions.

3. Now write down your actions